WBV MANAGER © is a 1 day course aimed at all managers, officers and supervisors of RIBs, High Speed Craft and planing craft in the professional maritime sector. The WBV MANAGER awareness course is run as an interactive group workshop.

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WBV MANAGER is a sector specific programme with core objectives:

•   Understanding EC & international Vibration Directive compliance issues

•   Understanding the effects of WBV (Whole Body Vibration) for Crew and Passengers

•   Understanding the effects of RS (Repetitive Shock) for Crew and Passengers

•   Employee engagement and shared responsibility for duty of care

•   Efficient return on investment based on improved management knowledge

•   Attendees receive The Nautical Institute WBV MANAGER certificate

Who Should Attend Whole Body Vibration Awareness Courses?

FRC International WBV Awareness Courses are relevant to ALL sectors affected by this major health and safety issue. This includes military, search & rescue, government agencies, local authorities, police, wind farm, oil & gas, thrill rides, charter and all organisations operating planing boats under 24 metre.

The aim of FRC-WBV Awareness Courses is for attendees to return to their organisations with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their marine operations and compliance with the legislation.


WBV CREW and WBV MANAGER courses provide the background to the European legislation, an understanding of WBV and the risks of repeated shock exposure. These courses introduce control measures and the administrative requirements for compliance. Attendees receive The Nautical Institute certificate. Due to new information becoming available an update is recommended every 3 years. To view organisations and businesses that have attended these courses click here.

Course Includes New Information & Industry Standard Action Plan

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PDF Downloads

FRC International WBV MANAGER Information Sheet.

1 day course relevant to all decision makers in the RIB & HSC sector.

WBV MANAGER: 1 day course

UK: £195+vat per person (BMF £175+vat)

Europe: €300 per person

US: $450 per person

Travel / Venue Surcharge: By Location

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