FRC Directors

Shock Mitigation

Dr. Trevor Dobbins - FRC Technical Director

Background: STResearch director. Supplier of High Speed Craft Human Factors (HF) support and solutions for research and development, design, procurement, training, operations and legislation.

Work includes UK MOD, Defence Equipment & Services (DE&S), Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (dstl), US Navy, Maritime Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), QinetiQ and RNLI.

Shock Mitigation

John Haynes AFNI - FRC Operations Director

Background: Shock Mitigation director. Provider of specialist analysis, consultancy and product development for the RIB and High Speed Craft sector. Extensive sea experience plus over 30 years managing, operating and training in the marine sector.

Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean and Advanced Powerboat Instructor. Founder of the RIB & HSC Directory that brings together specialist equipment for professional fast boat operators worldwide.

Shock Mitigation

Jon Hill AFNI - FRC Training Director

Background: Trident Marine director. Achieved rank of Warrant Officer during 23 years service in the UK Royal Marines. The last 17 years as a specialist High Speed Craft operator for UK Special Forces and conventional amphibious operations.

During this period has gained a vast amount of knowledge of RIBs and high speed craft. Recognised as a subject matter expert in specialist boat operations and maritime interdiction.


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FRC International:

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Trevor Dobbins - Technical Director
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Jon Hill - Training Director
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