Whole Body Vibration

FRC International Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Awareness Courses, recognised by The Nautical Institute, are relevant to all organisations operating planing craft. See WBV Website

This includes all military, search & rescue, government agencies, local authorities, police, wind farm, oil & gas, thrill ride, charter and all organisations operating planing craft.

The aim of FRC WBV Awareness Courses is for attendees to return to their organisations with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding WBV and safer marine operations.


WBV MANAGER is a one day course for all managers, officers, employers and operators of RIBs and planing craft. Includes fast craft risk assessments and WBV action plans.


WBV CREW is a one day course for all professional coxswains, crew and regular passengers. Regular passengers include maritime pilots, inspection officers and boarding teams.

WBV PAX Course

WBV PAX is a half day course for occasional crews and passengers on any type of craft. Also suitable for event organisations needing to train large groups with time constraints.

EC Vibration Directive

WBV CREW and WBV MANAGER courses provide the background to the European EC Vibration Directive legislation, an understanding of WBV and the risks of repeated shock exposure.

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