Specialist Courses

Specialist FRC training is under pinned by the consistent standards of FRC 12 and FRC 18 coxswain qualifications. The FRC system recognises that specific sectors of the FRC community require specialist training for the activities that they are required to undertake. 

Test Coxswain

FRC International develop unique training courses and qualifications for the professional maritime sector. The Test Coxswain course is designed for both experienced crew members and technical staff who support the Test & Evaluation (T&E) of high performance craft.

The Test Coxswain course provides the designers, builders and buyers with the capability to enhance both craft design and ensure that organisations get craft that are fit-for-purpose for the extreme operating envelope that they are sending their crews out to operate in.

Integrated Training Packages

Operators within the FRC sector have requirements beyond the qualifications and standard training modules. Task specific modules can be integrated into tailored solutions for specific applications. Examples include:

  • Offshore Windfarm Support Vessel Operation
  • Port And Harbour Security
  • Visit Board Search Secure (VBSS)
  • Search And Rescue (SAR)
  • Diving And Underwater Vehicle Operations
  • Maritime Security (FRC MAR-SEC)

Unique Training Solutions

FRC Academy utilises state-of-the-art professional training from around the world. Please contact FRC INT if your organisation is interested in becoming an FRC Academy.

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Contact Details

FRC International:

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John Haynes - Operations Director
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Trevor Dobbins - Technical Director
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+44 (0)7739 385282

Jon Hill - Training Director
Email: j.hill@frc-int.com
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