CSI 2013 - Conference

FRC International hosted CSI 2013 - Crew Systems Integration conference from 2nd to 4th July 2013 at RNLI Lifeboat College, Poole, UK.

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The international conference included over 20 presentations focusing on 9 integrated topics for the RIB and high speed craft sector. Keynote speakers included former Royal Navy Rear Admiral Chris Parry, now a noted strategic consultant and geopolitical forecaster. Captain Andrew Moll, MAIB and Commander Chris Pratt MBE (AFNI) Border Agency.

CSI 2013 - For ALL Professional RIB & HSC Operators

The CSI 2013 conference covered a wide range of new solutions that are becoming available for the professional operator. A challenge faced by the professional sector is integrating many disparate areas that are required to deliver enhanced performance and safety at sea. The overall objective is to deliver an up to date overview of effective operational capability.

CSI 2013 - Naval Architects, Designers & Boat Builders

CSI 2013 looked at next generation craft / systems requirements and the new design standards that will be required to develop and support them. This is an opportunity for naval architects, designers and boat builders to see how they can incorporate a ‘holistic’ approach.

CSI 2013 - Human Systems Integration

HSI is a recognised requirement for many maritime organisations. The CSI 2013 conference covered the full range of factors that can potentially improve marine operations. Topics include ‘Crew – Craft – Training’ and the interface between them.

CSI 2013 - Manned & Unmanned Operations

To complete the integration picture the conference presented the latest understanding of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), Repeated Shock (RS) and the increasing demands for protecting personnel with the use of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV).

CSI 2013 - Independent Event with Industry Supporters

CSI 2013 is an independent event that is relevant to all professional operators, boat builders, equipment manufacturers and designers. In addition to networking with their peers, attendees from end-user organisations learned from industry participants showing state of the art solutions and the latest developments in technology.

CSI 2013 Conference Programme - Overview

CRAFT & EQUIPMENT: CSI 2013 highlighted the rapid development of new craft and equipment for the sub 24 metre (80 feet) sector. Presentations showed how operators can incorporate these developments into their requirements and capability.

CREW: The conference examined the demands on both crew and professional passengers, and how personnel can be supported to be more effective at all levels.

TRAINING: CSI 2013 highlighted current developments in training programmes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are being developed globally.

HUMAN FACTORS ENGINEERING: The conference highlighted developments in human factors and ergonomics specific to fast craft design and operations.

QUALIFICATIONS: CSI 2013 highlighted the work being undertaken to develop an international set of qualifications for the sub 24 metre professional sector.

SIMULATION: The conference discussed different types of craft and equipment simulation and how it can be used to enhance operational effectiveness and safety.

REPEATED SHOCK & WHOLE BODY VIBRATION: CSI 2013 highlighted industry best practice and developments related to the management and control of RS & WBV.

UNMANNED SURFACE VESSELS: The conference examined the developments in unmanned systems and the opportunities for the marine sector.

RIB & HSC OPERATIONS: CSI 2013 demonstrated how fast craft operations are changing and what the future may hold for crews and their organisations.

CSI 2013 included lunch and drinks receptions at the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) College. This superb waterfront facility, with onsite accommodation, is located in the historic maritime port of Poole, UK.

Download CSI 2013 Conference Programme

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